The Empowerment Movement…Women Empowering Each Other- Part One

“Whenever you get a room full of black women, you automatically fuel discussions on the issues that affect us most. Social media is like that room.  We’ve truly gotten the opportunity to hear each other, speak to each other, and work toward solving our issues,” says writer and film maker, Arielle Loren.

In an article from Madame Noire, it states that:.. While black women have always “held up the torch” for the black community in both activism, religiosity and day-to-day familial support, thousands of women are getting tired.  “There may be a sense of fatigue, I think that comes from that sense of support and uplift not being reciprocated,” says professor B. Afeni McNeely Cobham, Ph.D.,  a visiting assistant professor in the department of African and African-American Studies, Metropolitan State College.  Dr. Cobham also points to the pervasiveness of pop culture and how the notion of interracial dating and mating is becoming a viable option reflected in show’s like “What Chilli Wants.”

Women have always been on the front lines of empowerment.  However, not always empowering each other, but the men we stood behind and the children we raised.  We have always been and always will be the care takers, the nurturers, the help-meet.  But who takes care of us?  Who do we lean on when we are sick and tired?  When we are overwhelmed? When we have relationship issues?  Who is listening to us?

While I don’t want to make this blog race specific, I want to talk about the plight of women of color, not just the continental African diaspora or the African- American diaspora, but also the Islamic Women, who are rising up to establish their identity as women.

However, in this blog, I want to  talk about the forward process of the the women of the African-American Diaspora.  While some men are attempting to completely take our feminine power away from us in many insidious ways by blaming us for the rise in single motherhood, for the breakdown in the family unit, the young women are giving themselves up to have a boyfriend who is totally unworthy of them and allow them to cheapen and lessen their impact on the world,  there are some men who recognize the power of the woman-Black Woman- and understand that our power, if used correctly, will do what is it intended to do- to uplift man- without  sacrificing his masculinity, but recognizing its added benefits.

Still, only women understand women.  It does not matter how many books written by male authors that are out there that attempt to tell us who we are, we are the ones who understand the challenges we face in our gender and our race.

There are Women Empowerment Movement groups and organizations popping up everywhere.  Not anything new, if you look at the history of sororities, the women suffrage and other “feminist” organizations of the past, many that are still existing today.

Yet as society evolves, and things change, things still remain the same.  Women have now added on the “career” aspect on top of motherhood, wife, caretaker, nurturer, supporter, and the plethora of nouns that we are to everyone but ourselves.   This balancing act that we have to do, to be the “Complete Woman” takes its toll…So what do we do?

In August of 2015, I decided that that was the month that was going to be a new beginning, as defined in the biblical definition of the number 8.  I attended this meet & greet affair, with women I had met via periscope, something I would never do- and formed a bond with two other women that led to the creation of Ladies That Brunch-An Empowerment Movement. The purpose of the brunch is to  foster a global women empowerment movement for current and aspiring entrepreneurial women to connect, gather and share knowledge  over a brunch in a metropolitan city. Based in New York City, NY Ladies That Brunch: NYC purposes to provide an outlet where women can empower each other and establish relationships (and friendships) that can carry on throughout their entrepreneurial endeavor.  Interestingly enough,  I came across an organization that share the EXACT same purpose, based out in Atlanta, GA.  The name of the organization is Ladies Who Brunch:Atlanta. Our stories are the same.

I have the pleasure of knowing a phenomenal woman by the name of Tywanda Blocker, who is also one of the pastors at my local church.  Understanding the need we have as Black women, the need to connect to each other on a level that we can understand and of course, in response to the cry of women looking to unveil the beauty within, she formed and organization called  “I AM Beautiful Woman” which helps promote wholeness, beauty, self-love, self confidence and completion.

The need to empower women does no start at womanhood, but in childhood, as we begin to empower and instill in our little girls the beauty they possess. Traci Spencer is the Founder of “Little Brown Girls”, an organization that promotes self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and beauty to young girls.

On October 24, 2015 “I AM BEAUTIFUL” will be hosting an event called “Ladies in Pink & White.  There will be food, fun, fellowship and LIVE entertainment. It is located in Queens, NY.

On October 25, 2015 Ladies That Brunch: NYC will be hosting its first Brunch in Harlem, NY.  For more information, email us at for more information.

Be Empowered as you Unveil the Beauty Within





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