The Fire Became a Flame-Goals for November 2015 

Distractions can be masked as busyness and busyness can cause a lack of focus. I lost focus! And the “unveiling” took a back seat to the challenges of life. I knew I had to write, because I kept seeing images of black women, other blogs about the state of black women, organizations being founded about girls of color, all related to the purpose of Unveiling the Beauty Within.

Yet, the very thing a sought out to do with this blog, is the very thing I allowed to be “caught up in”.

In a Facebook group/Periscope group called #BlackBizScopeChallenge, day 7 for the month of November was ” your plan for the week.” As I surfed through My FB Groups, I came across a post about #BlackGirlsBlog and ironically, this group too was having a Challenge and day two was “What are your goals?” Well if that was not a clear message from Heaven to re-group and re-focus, I don’t know what is.

I scoped about my plan for the week, but I have goals before 2016 comes in.

My goal as we near the end of 2015 is to get back to building my faith. Without doing that, everything I am about to list will be of no value. I have drafts for this blog that I have written in Evernote that I need to publish. They will all be published this week. I have newsletters that I need to put out, all written in my head, that needs to be sent out! That will also go out this week. On October 25th, my co-founders and I launched Ladies That Brunch NYC….An Empowerment Movement and it is my job to follow up.  I have not yet done so, but I will this week.  I need to update my business website and really push my brand out there now that I am happy with the look, the packaging, ect. 

I need to complete this challenge because it will make me accountable to the immediate goals and put into perspective the other goals that I have. This is why I am convinced that finding this group was by Divine Design, not by chance. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you…” 

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their blog? For me, getting more traffic to my blog means getting a message out to women of color that we can come behind the veil, that we all share a story, a situation, a similar pain. I started this blog started because I needed to be free from the “mask” that hid my pain and my hurt; childhood event that began the process of building a wall.  The “veil” that covers the insecurities that plague women of color like colorism, sexism, and the need to be strong when we really want to vulnerable-not weak! To exhale from who we are expected to be, and be who we are-Self Identity! 

My Goal for Unveiling the Beauty Within is to make it a movement that goes beyond the blog. And to do that, stories need to be told and they can only be told (for now) by creating more content.

My Goal is to EXCEED My Goals set for November! 

What are your goals?



7 thoughts on “The Fire Became a Flame-Goals for November 2015 

  1. Yes! Blogging is a great outlet. Im crazy I have at least 10 goals I’d like to complete before the end of the month. So far I have two of them completed. I hope you accomplish all your goals this month.


  2. Congrats on launching your empowerment movement. Welcome to “Black Girls Blog! Blogging Challenge”! I’m glad you responded to the signs you saw from God and used them as a flame to set your own goals. Wishing you much success!


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