Going Home-Africa

It is becoming very cliché for people of color to say ” I wanna go back to the Motherland,” and for the most part, we really do. 

I have been to most Caribean Islands, Europe, China, and Bali. Yet I have not gone back home. I am torn between South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. Why you ask? Well…South Africa is where Nelson Mendela was from. I want to experience the history of the remnants of Aparthied, the culture and the people. I know of friends that traveled to South Africa and the videos they shared were amazing. 

Ghana is, according to Alex Haley, where most African-American ancestry lies. I only know one word in Guinea which is “wang-gai” which means “let’s go”. Also, I would love to hear from the guru the true meaning of the kente cloth. 

Kenya, before President Obama became Commander in Chief, because I met a family, who I send assistance to when I can. I speak a little Swahili, thanks to my brother Ben Bella. I would love to meet them in person AND then say ” I have been to the country where the father of the First Black President comes from.

And last but not least: NIGERIA. That’s where my ancestors are from by way of the Bahamas. Most Nigerians I meet think I am Nigerian! And when I tell them I am not, they say it’s in your blood line. Wel after the family tree research (paternal) I now know that to be true.

So where do I travel to first? I’ll just close my eyes, spin the globe and point! Hey, that’s how I ended up in Bali this year.

So,where do you want to go? Reply and let me know. Maybe I’ve been there!

And maybe I will unveil more of me!



11 thoughts on “Going Home-Africa

  1. Awesome post! And I would love to do what you do– a just spin the globe and point to my dream destinations ..lol One of these days. But Visiting Ghana is on my wish list, but the number #1 is Egypt–I have a very strong connection with Egypt–maybe a past life or something LOL.


  2. I have traveled extensively throughout West Africa and it was an adventure. You will definitely bring back a lifetime of memories.


  3. I agree with you. Going home to Africa may seem cliche’ but I really do. So Africa is on my list also. I’d love to visit South Africa to pay respect to Nelson Mandela and his fight against apartheid too. Italy, Israel, Bora Bora are on my dream vacay list.


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