Once upon a Time, in 2015 Kiss Me Nature, and Unveiled by Dominique was born and reborn.

2015…What a year! Ups, downs, even plains… Lessons learned, mistakes made, regrets, inspirations, new vision, dreams deferred, dreams realized. That just about sums up my 2015.
In spite of all, I remain hopeful and encouraged, purposeful and grateful if for no other reason but simply I am still here to write and tell about it.  
I was fired from my job four months into 2015! It was the best thing that I had ever happened to me! Seriously! I remember thinking, once I got to HR ” why is she still talking… I can go get my hair done…” But she kept talking… I felt a sense of joy… It was unexplainable because I knew I should be mad, I mean…my family was about to become a one income household and our lifestyle did not accommodate that. All I know, I had finally exhaled, it was an extended vacation that I badly needed. I welcomed rest.
In May I traveled to Bali with my eldest daughter. We stopped in Germany and China. We stayed in two different towns Ubud being one of them. I climbed to the top of a volcano, I went snorkeling, took Balinese cooking classes, went to the local market, witnessed Balinese worship and culture-Just to name a few. Visited Shanghai, and lasted through a 27 hour flight…BOTH WAYS!
I refocused my energy into my Skin Care business Kiss me Nature, joined Periscope, re-learned the power of Social Media. I learned things about being in business, I’d never thought about because when I was employed, it was a paid hobby! 
I started blogging (seriously) this summer because, through Periscope, I saw people making money via blogging. So I started blogging about Coconut and the skin you’re in (actually revived it) to bring awareness of the benefits of coconut from my childhood experiences. Then something happened, the reality of my life began to flash before me, there was a healing that was to take place within me, and I was trying to figure out how I got to the place I was–Living, but not understanding my Purpose. It was this “Ah-Ha” moment that sparked the need to unveil the beauty within and start a movement to encourage other women to do the same, through self-discovery and healing. Hence the creation of Unveiled by Dominique. Unbeknownst to me, my sister was doing the exact same thing– but for little girls, ages 5-25 called Beautiful Black Butterfyz, building self esteem, self worth and self love by embracing the skin they’re in.
By October, depression was trying to take over as I realized that I had no income at all and what ever little I made selling body & bath products was only enough to make sure my son had lunch money. I got stuck, in a state I had never been before.  

2016 is the year of new beginnings, encouraging my self to LIVE with PURPOSE. I have [re] written the VISION and Made It Plain! I have a small source of income coming in. I am moving past the “Confetti” in my life and focusing on the what I know lies ahead for me. Surrounding myself with positive things and people even if they are complete strangers and letting go of negative things and people even if it includes family.

2015 is washed away 

2016 HERE I COME! 
What is your year in review and what is in store for you in 2016?
Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “Once upon a Time, in 2015 Kiss Me Nature, and Unveiled by Dominique was born and reborn.

  1. What an awesome testimony of overcoming!!! Yes the old things have passed away! Behold, God is doing a NEW thing! Do you perceive it!!! I’m looking forward to reading all about your NEW beginnings in 2016!


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