Breaking Ground in 2016


A Recipe for 2016 … a hint of success, an unexpected touch, a touch of humor, washed down with happiness and love …… 2016 will be an unforgettable flavor. 

The plans for my purpose beginning in 2016 has been 16 months in the making. On January 1, 2016 is the ribbon cutting ceremony for the building that will house the “Brand”. The negotiations for the “project” started in August of 2014. I sat at the Round table with God my Father, with tears in my eyes and said “I feel like a caged bird flapping its wings trying to fly but can’t, I feel like I am dying, and every crashing of my wings against this cage is bringing me closer to my death. Father, if you can hear me, open the door that I may fly…I know it won’t be my ideal situation, but help me in the process…” 

And a process it was.  Once upon a time in 2015.  It details the process, but 2015 is gone, and the only baggages I took with me were the lessons learned, the connections I made, and an understanding that I must now truly live my Life with PURPOSE! 

I started Unveiled by Dominique in August 2015. It was a blog, written when the realization set in, that I needed to regroup. I called it 8-1, The First Day of My New Beginnings.  With that said, I received an invitation from I believe a fellow church member, either that or it is confirmation and the blueprint of my understanding purpose has just been given to me. It reads:

“Happy New Year! Happy Sweet 16!!! In many cultures, 16 is a pivotal year in a girl’s life. It’s officially the age she becomes a damsel. She has been tutored and trained in etiquette, grooming, homemaking skills, and all the social mores of her culture. She is now ready for suitors with the intent of marriage until death ” them do part”

Well, are you ready? 8 is the number of new beginnings. 16 is double 8. I want a fresh start in all areas of my life! I’m expecting double in each area! The time is now! I have to do it! I have to put forth the effort! I don’t want to fail by default waiting for God to drop Every thing in my lap. No doubt some things He will, but I have to position myself. Like Esther, I proclaim, ” If I perish, I’ll perish, I’m going to see the King! I’m not afraid or intimidated but motivated and excited!” What a way to start the year!  

Today marks the beginning of the first page of my 365 page book.

What is your “8”? Are you living with purpose?

Reveal the Beauty Within!



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