The Unveiling Begins- Beautiful Black Butterflyz™

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In September, I wrote a blog about the Genesis of the “Veil” behind which we, as women of color hide behind, to mask the realities of our lives that have plagued us, going as far back as childhood.

On January 17, 2016, Beautiful Black Butterflyz™, an organization established to inspire African American Girls and young women to live in and love the beauty of their natural skin, will launch its empowerment movement is Queens NY.  As the founder of Kiss Me Nature and Unveiled By Dominique, I will partner with Beautiful Black Butterflyz™ to help spread this empowerment movement of promoting love for the skin we are in, and healing of the deep wounds in our community for women of color both young and wise.

The Founders of Beautiful Black Butterflyz™, Traci Spencer and Aisha Harris understood the need of teaching our young girls of color about loving the skin they are in.  Their slogan, “Every SHADE has a Story…I Love the Beautiful that I am!” is the force behind the mission to build self esteem and encourage positive self images by creating a foundation that fosters healthy inter/intra-personal relationships. They believe that it will lead to productive and fulfilling lives.  The young girls and young ladies of Beautiful Black Butterflyz™ will be encouraged to explore their feelings and understand and develop their inner beauty.

Unveiled by Dominique: Removing the Veil…Revealing the Beauty   is on track with this movement.  I believe that this will be the foundation of the whole woman these girls are destined to be.  We are a race of people of the African Diaspora, divided by “whose pain is greater”, yet facing the same feelings of non-acceptance in our own culture. On the one hand, its the “Dark-Skinned Girls” saying “I don’t want to be called Black” and on the other “Light-Skinned Girls” feeling “not Black enough”.

I am all to familiar with this “Dark Girl Syndrome”.  The liberating moment for me came when Mr. Barack Obama became the First African American President of the United States of America.  But for me, it so much more that him being president, it was his wife, the First Lady of the United States of America. She is a beautiful Woman of Color and dare I say “Dark Skinned.”  When it was announced that President Obama won the election in 2008, the first thing I said was “SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!” “SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!!!!!!!”  I was yelling all through out the house.  Though I didn’t express it, subconsciously, First Lady Michelle Obama dispelled every wrong thing that society saw in “my skin”.  She was not the “accepted” color to fit the ideology of Black acceptance in the United States.  In her, I saw me.

So the real question bears answering: is America that damaged by the devastation of slavery that even centuries after its abolition, we are still not able to see ourselves as beautiful beings?

In response to this, Beautiful Black Butterflyz™ has positioned itself to meet the challenges and recognizes that the empowerment of women does not start at womanhood, but in childhood.  Kiss Me Nature and Unveiled by Dominique, joins them to empower and instill in our little girls the beauty they possess.

Will you join us as we celebrate these girls and young women?

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4 thoughts on “The Unveiling Begins- Beautiful Black Butterflyz™

    • OMG! Yes! if you are in the NYC Metro Area, we would love for you to come out and volunteer and also get the word out! This Organization is the “young girls” edition of Unveiled by Dominique. We are also looking for donations (dolls, positive items) that we can put in swag bags. We are even accepting monetary donations (all Tax deductibles.) But above all, helping us get the word out and inviting any girl/young lady you know between the ages of 5-25. The information will be posted in the next blog. Please follow this follow blog for more information or you can e-mail us at


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