Lessons Learned from Jonas #NYCBlizzard2016

A storm does not happen overnight…it lies in wait…it brews…it builds..Like Satan, search to and fro whom he can devour.

Don’t forget what’s underneath Part I

“Don’t forget what’s underneath was a call to action from one of my favorite female powerhouse Adeea Rogers of Periscope.TV fame Black Biz Scope. I understood that this snow storm was by Design and that God was isolating me to get a message through.  It all started on Friday during Black Biz Scope Friday on periscope.tv.  This women of God, a messenger sent to speak to His people, Princess of Suburbia, Dr. Fumi Hanccock through the unction of the Holy Spirit tore the scope down with a move of God none of us expected. You just had to be on the scope to understand the magnitude of what happened.  What was supposed to be a scope of promoting her services, turned out to be a empowerment session for God-fearing Black business owners.

There is Power in Transparency

Dr. Fumi or Momma Fumi followed up with another scope on Saturday as the Blizzard landed, and NYC declared that all non-emergency vehicles should be off the road. Snow Bound? I don’t think so.  Isolated so that I could hear clear from God was more like it. “When God Speaks…” Things happen. In Genesis 1 “God said “Let there be…” and it was.  In line with the mission of Unveiled by Dominique, Dr. Fumi dared us to “Tear the veil” because you never know who God is going to deliver “through your test-imony.”  She too had a call to action “Let there be [insert your name, business ect.] and there was. So right there, as I lay on my bed watching this scope, I declared ” God Said: Let there be Patrice Dominique Kemp-McCullough and There Was.” God created ME.  For His Purpose. I cried a holy cry, a cry of release, a cry of freedom. The chains were falling off.

Don’t forget what’s underneath Part II

For me, all of this was in response to what I had been going through emotionally since last Sunday (January 17). God was trying to get me to get “underneath the surface.”  My own Bishop has been preaching about it from 1 Peter 1-6. This season of manifold temptation is a temporary season.  God is trying to show me who I am. He is developing my character; these attacks are set up to reveal to myself who I am and how I handle situations. #TeartheVeil

As look out at the unshoveled snow in my backyard, the snow represents the current chaos in my life, the pain, the regrets, the guilt, the mess. But what lies beneath is the resilience, strength, joy, peace and focus that awaits me.

As God is showing me who I am, I will continue to dig out and through the “snow” to reveal my true self and strength.

Remove the Veil, Reveal your strength




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