50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Movement, Malcom X and Michael Jackson-Remembered thanks to “Formation”

As I continue to listen and watch the media -four days after the surprise drop of the single AND video of Beyoncé “Formation”- I remain in awe that Bey still has people talking…But was that not the point?

While scrolling through my Facebook Timeline, I came across this video posted by Pop Sugar Celebrity. It gives a break down of the meaning of the video that most people missed and blew the minds of White America. What Beyoncé did in that “Surprise Attack” was put White America on notice that we have had enough. We are here to #Slay racism, #Slay Political Injustice, #Slay Crimes against our people, #Slay Oppression.  That we are here to #Slay because we are Powerful Black Women.  What better way to say it then by remembering The Black Panters. Trust when I tell you it was no coincidence that Formation was released on the 50th Anniversary of the Movement. The Black Panther Movement was formed in 1966. The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was the largest Black revolutionary organization that has ever existed. To learn more about the Formation of the Panthers, their program and activities, but more importantly, what marked the Panthers out to be different from all other organizations, and what led them to be the inspiration to generations around the world to join the struggle against oppression, click on Formation

Not only did Bey pay Homage to The Black Panther Movement, she also remembered Malcom X and Michael Jackson. 

She remembered the State of Louisiana after Katrina. 

This is Black History Month. We Shall Never Forget those who fought for change. Let us come behind the “Veil” of complacency because we “think” racism is put to rest. I urge to really look at our history. We have been fighting the same fight for And since the Abolition of Slavery. Times have changed but the fight never ended. 

Let us continue to Remove the Veil behind which we hide.

Celebrate Black History,



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