Having Fun Day 15 (One Day My Soul Just Opened Up)

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Having fun means not complicating the simple things in life, stressing over thing that really do not matter, waking up every morning and being grateful just to be on this side of heaven.  Having fun is laughing at “stupid” things; having fun is joy, happiness, freedom.


Having Fun is Hakuna Matata

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Author: Madinina Kiss

I am a Native New Yorker! I found my passion in writing again when I realized we as women of color want to be ALL to everyone and minimum to ourselves, embracing our natural born nurturer instincts. And yet we hide behind a "Veil" of hurt, pain, disappointment and call it "Strength". Unveiled by Dominique is a movement for women of color to tear the the veil and reveal our true beauty and strength. There is Power in Transparency!

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