Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

The word PASSIONATE can take on so many different meanings. However, one word connects them all: INTENSE. Foe example, when you love with passion, there is an indescribable feeling of love towards a person; an uncontrollable desire, a burning sensation to be with a person.  I have loved passionately once n my lifetime.  It was fun, dangerous and destructive.  It was the kind of love, that no matter what I did to get out, I was wrapped up in the tangled web, I called “being in love.”

Today, my passion is creativity.  I love to create.  I am also very passionate about helping others, serving my fellow man.  Passion in any area is free, without thought, you just do the thing you are passionate about.  Sometimes, you are not even aware of where the intensity comes from.

However, being passionate can also be violent.  How many times have we heard the term “a crime of passion.”  One always wonders what drives a person to commit such a heinous act of violence in the name of love? (Food for Thought)

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