About Me

Hey, everyone! Some may know me as Patrice, but please allow me to reintroduce myself (every time I say that I feel like saying “My Name is D, Oh, Emm to the I, N… in my Jay-Z tone) to you and tell you all about me.

I’m P. Dominique. I am a Gemini, entrepreneur, mother of three amazing children (and not because they are mine), and a Pushin’ 50 carefree black girl from Queens, New York. I am a career paralegal, currently working my own business offering my paralegal expertise. I also make natural skin care products that cater to all naturalists ( I refrained from saying “Naturalistas” because my demographics include men). Then life took a spiral turn downward, I lost my job of 10 years, I was depressed, and knew it was time to remove the veil. My purpose was calling me into my destiny…

In my blog, I will be sharing a bigger part of my world with you: through my spiritual life, through my thoughts, through my travels around Queens (and Beyond) and through the man devotionals that gets me through the day. I will be sharing my inner journey towards fierce, radical acceptance and self-love. The adventure that is my life will be made that much more exciting because you’ll be joining me for the ride.

Don’t worry… I I am more interesting than I let on.

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